About Soulseeker Retreats

In short, Soul Seeker Retreats was created over coffee, cake and spontaneous daydreaming by two soul seekers themselves, Dani Fazekas and Annie Harbison.

Their instant connection quickly evolved into a shared desire to life lessons and catapulted them into girl boss mode.

These two soul-centered women are playfully working together by merging their courageous life paths, robust education, and dynamic skill sets into unforgettable yoga and mediation inspired experiences around the globe.

Dani and Annie have one true mission: to inspire you to seek whatever that sets your soul on fire.

They know and believe that by you doing more of what you love, you will begin to trust yourself more, give yourself the space and permission to rewrite your story, and unabashedly live your life with no limits.

It all begins with a dreaming...how will you seek your soul?

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734 N. Highland Ave. NE #7, Atlanta, 30306

Tel: +1423-552-1672

Email: soulseekerretreats@gmail.com

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